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LTV Imports is currently selling one of the hottest products in the country called  Trrtlz.  This is a turtle bracelet that sells for $1.   It comes in a very cute package (see attached) and has a story.   Three years ago our company sold millions of Silly Bands  and this product is selling equally as well. Today we received an order from one of our large national accounts for 500,000  units. 

A typical store is selling 100- 200 units per week depending on their traffic. Very busy stores are selling 100 per day. 

This is a low margin product that will be sold for $1 – regardless of the size of the account.  We do not import this product but we do OWN THE US RIGHTS TO IT and have purchased 2.5  million units.


100 pieces in display

There is a 2 display minimum for everyone. (There are no exceptions to this)

Please go to www.trrtlz.com to learn more.


$ 0.00
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